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A RUWA man, known as Jack Bhawa, collapsed and later died at a shopping centre after drinking an illicit brew.

Terrence Musikavanhu was a teacher, who was passionate about mathematics and helping young children with their homework.

He died at Parirenyatwa Hospital where he was admitted after collapsing following a binge on illicit brews at Mavambo Shopping Centre.

Witnesses said Terrence consumed eight bottles of the brew before collapsing and being rushed to Parirenyatwa Hospital.

His death follows similar incidents of his friends also dying from consuming the same brew.

Terrence and his friends were known for drinking illicit brews behind the flea market at Mavambo Shopping Centre.

His death has left many in shock.

“I was shocked and at the same time pained when I learnt of the passing of Jack Bhawa.

“He was a people’s person and he minded his own business and would just drink in peace.

“He had no time for fights or to begrudge people.

“Most of the time, Jack would be wasted from the illicit alcohol, but he was very intelligent,” said Munashe Chadura, one of the residents who knew him

Terrence was a teacher by profession.

He was once fired from a private college because of his habit of drinking before lessons.

“He was a good teacher and was passionate about teaching, but beer affected him.

“He was an excellent mathematics teacher and would always help young kids with their homework,” said another resident.

One of his friends, identified as Ngonidzashe, said Terrence collapsed when they were standing behind Manake Club.

“I thought he would wake up since he had consumed a lot.

“I cannot quit this beer because it is now a challenge for me.

“For me to eat proper food like sadza, I have to drink first and even my wife knows that,” he said.


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