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Davido’s Reply To Fan Who Spent 8 Days Travelling To See Him Sends Shivers Online


On the 2nd of August, Emmiwuks kickstarted his audacious adventure, brimming with excitement for the opportunity to meet Davido in Lagos.

With unwavering determination, he set off on his bicycle, ready to conquer the challenging distance between Benue state and Lagos.

Eight Days of Unyielding Journey

For the past eight days, Emmiwuks has been on the road, pushing himself to the limits as he pedals his way towards his cherished dream.His journey has taken him through various towns and cities, with each passing day bringing him closer to his destination.

Davido’s Response: A Stern Warning

Coincidentally, Davido stumbled upon the captivating quest shared on Twitter. In a swift and compelling response, the Afrobeats superstar issued a stern warning to Emmiwuks, advising him to turn back as he is currently unavailable.

Davido’s message was clear and concise:

“Turn around, I’m not home.”

A Fan’s Unwavering Dedication

Emmiwuks’ determination and unwavering dedication have not gone unnoticed. His incredible journey has garnered attention and support from fans and well-wishers, all hoping that his efforts will reach Davido’s eyes and touch his heart.

Responding to Davido’s Tweet, the fan said he is not going back. He also revealed he was already heading to Ogun state from Benin.

Emmiwuks tweeted:

“Am not going back Boss I must present my gift to you @davido Benin state heading to Ogun any moment from now…”


  1. Davido must help that person because he spend 8 day to go and see her favourite artist.Davido you are a Celebrity why are waiting to help this .He is showing you Love but you don’t even check her financial status.

    Help help help


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