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Mukwasha Mboko Kills Father-In-Law Over US$30 Lobola Refund Dispute


Father-In-Law Beaten to Death in US$30 Lobola Refund Dispute: Man Flees the Scene
Dispute Over Lobola Refund Turns Deadly
In a shocking incident that unfolded in Goromonzi, a man travelled from Harare to confront his father-in-law over a US$30 lobola refund dispute, resulting in a violent assault that claimed the older man’s life.

A Violent Confrontation
Eyewitnesses described the horrifying scene that unfolded. Soul Mubau, 29, had separated from his wife, Sibongile Takundwa, after paying lobola for her three weeks ago.

Soul and Sibongile had been together for 7 years. However, the relationship hit the rocks last year, when Sibongile dumped Soul.

In an attempt at reconciliation, Soul went and paid US$30 lobola for Sibongile three weeks ago.

However, upon discovering that Sibongile had married another man, Soul’s anger escalated.

He confronted his father-in-law, David Takundwa, 64, at his home in Chinyika Village, demanding a refund of the US$30 lobola he had paid.

Tragic Outcome
Tragically, the confrontation turned violent, with Soul assaulting David using an iron bar, resulting in severe injuries before he fled the scene.

David passed away on his way to Parirenyatwa Hospital, leaving mourners in shock and disbelief.

Grief and Regret
Sibongile, the estranged wife caught in the middle of the dispute, expressed her grief, telling local tabloid H-Metro,

“Soul’s evil heart has robbed me of my father. I decided to leave him because he was too abusive, and I started to fear for my life.

““I got married to another man, this where I am coming from to attend the funeral,”

Mukwasha Mboko Kills Father-In-Law Over US$30 Lobola Refund Dispute
File Image Of Police Officers Carrying A Coffin Box (The Chronicle)
Seeking Justice
The police swiftly took action, arresting Soul at his brother’s house in Stoneridge, Harare. He will face legal consequences for his actions, as the authorities conduct a thorough investigation into the matter.

Reflection on Lobola Disputes
Lobola disputes are not uncommon, but the escalation of this particular incident to such a violent end has sent shockwaves through the community. Lobola, a traditional practice in Zimbabwe, involves the payment of money or goods from the groom’s family to the bride’s family as a gesture of respect and gratitude. It is meant to symbolize the union of two families and ensure a harmonious relationship.

Urgent Need for Peaceful Conflict Resolution
This disturbing incident highlights the urgent need for peaceful conflict resolution and the importance of seeking help and support when faced with difficult situations. The consequences of unresolved anger and violence can be severe, as seen in this tragic case.


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