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Chimanimani married woman caught bedding three men


A Chimanimani man is allegedly exploiting his wife and benefiting from her s£x work.

Shingai Chirongwe (43) caught his wife Mavis Mambeu (23) and his brother Taurai Chirongwe (58) in between the sheets.

He demanded 10 cattle as compensation from Taurai.

Although Shingai swiftly forgave his wife, he did not relent on his demand of 10 cattle from Taurai.

The matter was heard before Acting Chief Saurombe’s court on Sunday.

Acting Chief Saurombe ordered Taurai to compensate his brother with two cattle.

Taurai’s wife, Sarah Chiripasi, defended her husband and accused her brother-in-law of working in cahoots with his wife to bed various men for money.

“He caught his wife bedding other men on two different occasions. I believe this is a money making scheme. I do not know how much he charged them, but if he did so, then it is now a lucrative venture for the shameless couple.

“If he did not charge his wife’s lovers, then it means he hates his brother with a passion. Why should he demand compensation from my husband when it was Mambeu who lured him to sleep with her?

“I also demand three cattle from Mambeu for sleeping with my husband,” charged Chiripasi.

In his court application, Shingai stated that he gathered that Mambeu and Taurai were having an affair and using the bush as their love nest.

“The Holy Spirit revealed this to me and I even warned my wife about her illicit affair with Taurai. My nephew later told me that he had seen the lovebirds enjoying themselves in the bush while I was at church.

“I confronted my wife, but she denied everything at first. She later admitted sleeping with Taurai and begged for forgiveness. I took her to my brother’s homestead and surrendered her there as his second wife.

“Taurai refuted the allegations and ran away, hence my decision to bring the matter before this court,” said Shingai.

During the court session, Taurai admitted having an affair with his brother’s wife.

“The truth is that my sister-in-law lured me to bed her. She said my brother was a poor performer in bed and she was not enjoying the act with him.

Shingai Chirongwe

“Mavis also stated that Shingai is always at church. At first I refused, but ended up giving in because she is part of the family. Why would he demand 10 cattle from me for just sleeping with his wife? I erred and I ask for forgiveness, but it was his wife who lured me into bed. As a man I could not resist her advances,” said Taurai.

However, Mavis said Taurai approached her first.

“He begged me to sleep with him and I gave in. At first I refused, but I ended up sleeping with him. He did not force me, but the truth is that he is the one who proposed to me.

“It is not fair for his wife to demand compensation from me, where will I get the three cattle? Her husband lured me into bed and promised me some money which he never gave me anyway,” she said.

Mavis also confirmed that she has another case pending before Chief Muusha’s court after her husband caught her red-handed with two other men.

“My husband’s other wife tricked me into sex work and then set up a trap for our husband to catch me in the act. She wants me gone because she is jealous of me, but the truth is that I did not enjoy cheating. I love my husband,” said Mavis.

Acting Chief Saurombe ordered Taurai to compensate his brother with two cattle, as well as two goats for the court.


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