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Baba Harare Photoshops himself on York Times Square billboard


The Baba Harare billboard is causing waves online. The Jiti crooner has been accused of photoshopping his image onto the famed New York Times Square billboard.

From Masvingo To New York
On 24 September, Baba Harare, born Braveman Chizvino Mwanza, dazzled his fanbase when he shared a video promotion of his upcoming album “Prove Them Wrong” on a Times Square billboard in New York in the United States. The imposing digital billboard showed his topless image, which is the album’s cover, and the title of the body of work dropping on 20 October 2023.

Baba Harare Billboard

“Jiti Family. Zuro we Proved Them Wrong. Isusu ne music yedu yechibharanzi pfee pa Times Square New York pazi Billboard. Kubva ku Masvingo kuuya Harare kuzonzi Baba Harare kwakuinda paziBillboard mu New York. I am grateful to my manager Memory and Koko for working tirelessly to make this happen.”

Baba Harare Accused Of Photoshopping Times Square Billboard
As many congratulated Baba Harare for the feat, some dug a little. It now seems the Rita hitmaker photoshopped himself onto the billboard for clout. One X user juxtaposed one different video similar to Baba Harare’s. Despite the differences in what appeared on the billboard, what was happening in the background and in traffic was similar.

Check out the videos below.

Shameless for Baba Harare to photoshop himself into a billboard in NY ?? pic.twitter.com/d7nMT9adab

— ???? (@six_papi) September 25, 2023

Baba Harare has not addressed the issue on his socials.

To get your image on the Times Square billboards, one has to pay US$150 and the picture will play for 15 seconds every hour for 24 hours.

Zimbos Berate Baba Harare For Bill Board Photoshop
Zimbos on social media had mixed sentiments to the Baba Harare billboard at Times Square.


“Shameless for Baba Harare to photoshop himself into a billboard in NY ??”


“So some people were angry with baba Harare paying international advertising when it was just an edit?????????This country.”


“At the end of the day he did well in terms of promoting his upcoming project ????, I give him props for that. Now y’all talking about him, he is making trends ?????.

Uncle B:

“Mmm this is bad??. He should know better hey. In this day and age if you mess around with tech it will always be known.”


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