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Watch:Passion Java Escapes Dubai Car Accident, Raises Concerns About Witchcraft Prayers


Flamboyant self-proclaimed Zimbabwean prophet Passion Java was involved in an accident in Dubai, United Arab Emirates recently. Fortunately, he emerged from his car unharmed.

Second Accident in Just Over a Month
This marks the second accident the United States-based man of the cloth has been involved in in just over a month. In August, Passion Java took to social media and announced that he had been involved in a car accident in Zimbabwe. He also emerged from the car unharmed and expressed gratitude for God’s protection.

Now, Prophet Passion Java has revealed that he was in another car accident in Dubai. He shared a video of a damaged Lamborghini. It is unclear what caused the accident but the car suffered minimal damage.

Prophet Passion Java Shares Dubai Accident
Taking to his Facebook page on Saturday, the cleric thanked God for preserving his life in Dubai. Passion Java also made a startling claim, accusing fellow pastors of attempting to kill him using what he called ‘witchcraft prayers’. He concluded his message by quoting Isaiah 54:17.

“In my short life, I have witnessed the raw power of God. I know there are some Pastors orchestrating witchcraft prayers against me, but my God is more powerful than death. Last Saturday I should have died in an accident in Dubai ?? but no weapon formed against me shall prosper!’” Passion Java wrote on Facebook.

You can watch the video of Passion Java’s accident below:

Mixed Responses to Prophet Java’s Ordeal
Taking to the comments section, social media users expressed mixed reactions. While some expressed relief and gratitude for his safety, others shared differing opinions. Some even accused Passion Java of using someone else’s Dubai accident footage for attention. Below are some of the comments:


Tinotenda varoyi vese varikubata basa rambai makadzvanya gore rino hariperi


Kkkk almost dead pamota yawangonawo yakazvi mirira here


Lie lie pants on fire hausiriwe wauchi driver thats why you muted the audio


??????chibaba chonyepa ichi iiih ndatenda hangu, I once saw this video hangu but hho


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