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Tendai Biti Election FallOut – The Untold Story


In a recent revelation, accusations have emerged concerning the circumstances surrounding the 2023 elections in Zimbabwe, particularly accusations that CCC President Nelson Chamisa had a role in his deputy Tendai Biti’s failure to enter the race for MP’ship. However, information on file suggests a different story, one implicating a ZANU PF figure and a shadowy plot.

This week, ZimEye unveils a video recording concerning a phone call that took place on April 13, 2023, between businessman Alex Mashamhanda, known as Mashwede, and a judicial officer [name withheld.] In this call, Mashamhanda instructed the officer with a text message, stating, “Tendai Biti must be prevented from contesting until the year 2033.” This development has far-reaching implications for the events that followed.

Following this call, Tendai Biti was contacted by the ZimEye news network through his WhatsApp number. However, Biti did not respond, and instead, one of his brothers was alerted. Surprisingly, there was no callback or further communication from Biti, raising questions about his awareness of the situation.

The consequences of this alleged interference became apparent when Tendai Biti received an official announcement from the Zimbabwe Electoral Commission. The announcement indicated that his constituency had been divided, and he would now be compelled to compete with his own client, Allan Markham. This development, although seemingly unfortunate for Biti, raises suspicions of a larger, more intricate plot.

What is becoming clear is that Tendai Biti was apparently unaware that this was all part of a ZANU PF scheme to hinder his political ambitions. The extent to which Biti could have thwarted this scheme remains a matter of debate.

Another opportunity that Biti may have missed was a proposed litigation against Zambia’s former president, Edgar Lungu. This legal action could have elevated Biti’s standing in the political arena and potentially allowed him to challenge Zimbabwe’s ruling party and its leader, President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Over USD7,000 was blown waiting on Biti to convene this move, which he has never cared to take ever since the invitations back in Sept 2022.

As more details emerge, the political landscape in Zimbabwe is becoming increasingly complex and contentious, with implications for the nation’s political future and the credibility of its electoral process.


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