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Kikky Badass Brags And Reveals How Much She Makes On OnlyFans


Controversial rapper Kikky Badass has torched a storm on social media after bragging about making money clapping cheeks on OnlyFans.

Pain Over Garry Mapanzure’s Death
The rapper was embroiled in a nasty exchange with Zimbos on X following the death of musician Garry Mapanzure last week. Garry succumbed to injuries sustained after a fatal accident that occurred in Masvingo on 12 October 2023.

Kikky Badass, born Christabell Stembeni Mahlungwa, took to her social media to decry the terrible healthcare system in Zimbabwe. Garry Mapanzure failed to get trauma care in Masvingo and had to be transferred to Harare. He sadly passed away before a private emergency healthcare service could ferry him to Harare.

His sister, Kiki Mapanzure revealed at his funeral that he fought for 12 hours and the hospital in Masvingo did not even have oxygen for him.

Kikky aired her pain at the situation obtaining in Zimbabwe. She posted on Instagram:

“Yeah, pakufana kugadziriswa ipapa sanika healthcare, because eh ? this should not happen again.”

After posting this, some people on X took offence because Kikky has publicly endorsed ZANU-PF. People alleged that the ruling party has caused the country’s healthcare system to falter. They added that by endorsing ZANU-PF, Kikky is in essence supporting the rot.

One user commented:

“@kikkybadass Chimbotimira iwewe, ndiwe une video uchiti ED huchi vote Zanu pf. Musanyepera kurwadziwa nhema, you know the people you lobbied for are the main causatives for this! Ndoo saka une failed OnlyFans career ?.”

“Failed career ??? I made over 20k on that app, and I didn’t have to pop my p*ssy out for nobody. Jokes on you dummy .? you don’t get to be the emotions police because I had a way closer relationship with him than you, I’m very heartbroken. But you not finna bully me or police me.”


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