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16-year-old girl fakes pregnancy for 9months


In a bizarre turn of events, a 16-year-old girl orchestrated an elaborate hoax, pretending to be pregnant for nine months, fooling not just her boyfriend but also medical professionals. The teenager managed to deceive her unsuspecting boyfriend by stuffing clothes under her dress, giving the illusion of a baby bump.

The story took a dramatic twist when she convinced her boyfriend that her water had broken, leading them both to the hospital. However, her cunning plan unravelled when nurses and midwives discovered the truth at the clinic. The young girl, caught red-handed, was filmed in a viral video kneeling in embarrassment. The makeshift baby bump, created using rags and clothes, lay in a heap on the hospital bed.

Reports suggest that she had duped her boyfriend into giving her substantial amounts of money, claiming it was for medical expenses and other necessities related to the pregnancy.

The video captures the medical staff questioning the girl, trying to understand why she would deceive her boyfriend in such a manner. Throughout the questioning, she remained silent, neither confirming nor denying the hospital staff’s suggestions that she had deceived him to keep him.

Meanwhile, the boyfriend, completely unaware of the elaborate scheme, was waiting outside for the arrival of his supposed newborn baby. A hospital staff member suggested that they bring him into the room, but the video ended abruptly before we could see his reaction.

Amidst the shocking revelation, viewers took to the comments section to share their reactions. Some questioned the authenticity of the video, while others speculated about the girl’s motives. Regardless of the reasons behind her actions, this peculiar incident has left many baffled and questioning the lengths some people would go to deceive others.

U want to tell me that a woman staying with his boyfriend since that his boyfriend don’t check her in hospital to know if her girlfriend is real pregnant or Una dey wine ni


Her intention is yet to be known. For her to agree to go to the hospital May mean she has a stolen baby arranged for her. Her plans may have been foiled due to a different nurse in attendance


She delivered a whole new wardrobe, spring collection I guess


Why would she agree to go to the hospital after successfully hiding it for 9 months???‍♀️ I’m disappointed in her.



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Video Showing How Girl Faked Pregnancy Using Clothes
You can watch the video for yourself below


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