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92 Year Old Mutare Grandma Completes 5km Race


In the picturesque Eastern Highlands, the NetOne-Albun Honde Valley Marathon buzzed with energy on that memorable Sunday. Among the participants was the indomitable Gogo Julia Zisengwe, a spirited 92-year-old from Chikanga, Mutare.

With determination etched on her face, Gogo Zisengwe, armed with a walking stick, embarked on the 5km fun run. The rolling hills posed no deterrent as she navigated the course, displaying a resilience that transcended age.

Surrounded by a chorus of cheers, Gogo Zisengwe approached the finish line, her every step echoing a tale of triumph. The lens of Zimpapers’ Moffat Mungazi captured the defining moment – a testament to her unwavering spirit.

Though victory in the traditional sense eluded her, the real triumph was etched on the faces of onlookers and fellow participants. Gogo Julia Zisengwe had not just completed a marathon; she had become an inspiration, winning the admiration and plaudits of a community captivated by her tenacity.

Scores of people gathered, showering her with praise, acknowledging that the true essence of the marathon lay not just in winning but in the resilience that knows no age. Gogo Julia Zisengwe had not only run a race; she had become a living testament to the boundless spirit that can defy the constraints of time


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