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King of squats coming to Zimbabwe


Viral South African fitness trainer King of Squats is headed to Zimbabwe later this month, and Zimbabwean men are talking.

King of Squats, born Nkululeko Dlamini, is a South African fitness trainer and former soccer player who specialises in training people to get bigger bums through squats. He has become an internet sensation, with his videos of him dancing and squatting going viral on various social media platforms. Besides that, he is also famous for having an unusually big bum for a man.

Dlamini, born in 1989 in Durban, joined the Jomo Cosmos academy in 2006 and played for the senior team from 2008 to 2010. He then moved to the United States to pursue a soccer scholarship at the University of North Carolina. However, he suffered a knee injury that ended his soccer career in 2012.

King of Squats then turned to fitness as a way of coping with his depression and recovering from his injury. He discovered that squats were the best exercise to strengthen his legs and glutes, and he developed a passion for them. He also learned how to dance and incorporated it into his workouts.

The King of Squats, who inspires women to have bigger nyash, is taking his expertise to Zimbabwe. Socialite and former Miss Curvy Tanya Chikuni announced this on her Instagram stories.

The thick influencer shared a video doing a routine with the King of Squats while a maskandi track played in the background. She did a few squats but later stopped as she was wearing heels. She announced:

“Catch the King of Squats in Zimbabwe on the 25th of November. If you don’t think squats can give you a**, THINK AGAIN!”

Zimbos expressed mixed emotions about the looming visit by the King of Squats to Zimbabwe.

Hushi Puppi:

“Why hasn’t he joined the ceiling challenge ?????”


“Let’s hope habaye Chikurubhi Foreign pamutabhera.”


“He did not get that from squats, lies, lies, lies…looks augmented. The same thing happened with the liver king, and it finally came out kuti he was juicing (taking steroids).”


“KuZim tinemunyama wekungoigirwa vanhu vasina basa. From fake Mr bean, Zodwa wabantu now this Ngito. Munhu wemurume anoridi garo.”


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