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Michael Magz exposes Holy Ten on Ollah 7 Podcast interview


Michael Magz, in a revealing interview on the Ollah 7 Podcast, divulged his bitterness towards Holy Ten and clarified that he resigned from Samanyanga Records instead of being fired, contrary to rumors.

During the interview, Magz disclosed that it was Holy Ten who approached him, seeking to sign him for a three-month contract with Samanyanga Records.

Magz explained that he had initially reached out to Holy Ten in early 2020 while he was in Cyprus, hoping to collaborate on a song.

Holy Ten requested a feature fee of US$20, and due to a breakdown in communication, the collaboration never materialized.Magz went on to reveal that in November, Holy Ten sent him a contract proposal, which he accepted primarily driven by the financial aspect.

During the three months with the label, Magz received a monthly payment of approximately US$60. However, their partnership faced its first falling out later that month, though they eventually reconciled.

Magz described Holy Ten as a controversial individual who thrives on stirring up controversy. He highlighted Holy Ten’s tendency to make provocative statements and post contentious content on the internet.

Magz expressed his current bitterness towards Holy Ten after the release of a diss track titled “We Don’t Do That,” aimed at him.

In response, Magz has released a verse as part of the Gore Remix and unfollowed and blocked Holy Ten’s social media pages, severing ties with him and his associates. Zim Morning Post


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