Home Africa News Dicing with life-Man d!es after drinking “tumbwa” for $20 cash price

Dicing with life-Man d!es after drinking “tumbwa” for $20 cash price


A daring individual risked it all on Christmas Day by consuming two packets of illegal alcohol known as “tumbwa” or “chikozodo” in street lingo, all for a shot at winning a measly $20.

Tragically, 22-year-old Daniel Dube from Eastdale Plots, Dowa, near Chiguhune in Gutu, did not live to savour his victory.

When questioned about the incident by The Mirror, Masvingo Police spokesperson Inspector Kudakwwashe Dhewa revealed that no such report had been filed at either the Gutu or Chatsworth Police Stations. However, Chiguhune councillor Chavamwe verified the incident during a phone conversation with the same publication.

Expressing deep concern, Chavamwe lamented the situation and called upon parents to remain vigilant, as children are falling victim to drug abuse at an alarming rate.

“I am aware of the case, This is devastating as our youths are taking to drugs and alcohol abuse. I urge parents to be on guard. Children are losing life to drugs,” Chavamwe lamented.

Regrettably, Daniel Dube met his untimely demise at the Hovhosa Business Center in Chiguhune. The challenge was to consume two 250ml sachets of undiluted illicit alcohol in one go. The victor not only had the opportunity to leave intoxicated but also US$20 richer.

Viewing this as an opportunity to make some quick cash, Dube eagerly accepted the challenge and successfully consumed one sachet. However, tragedy struck when he suddenly collapsed and lost his life while in the midst of consuming the second sachet.


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