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Seh Calaz fans threatens to boycott Kambucha after the company dropped him for Baba Harare.


Kambucha Zimbabwe introduces another drink
Fans of Zimdancehall artist Seh Calaz have threatened to boycott Kambucha after the company dropped him for Baba Harare.

Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited announced Seh Calaz, born Tawanda Mumanyi, as its brand ambassador in 2022. Seh Calaz boosted the brand’s popularity so much during his time. He was on billboards nationwide and even recorded a song for the company. Seh Calaz never hesitated to drop Kambucha in the lyrics when he released songs.

So good was their working relationship that Kambucha bought Seh Calaz a fresh Toyota Hilux GD6 in May 2023. Observers lauded Seh Calaz, saying he is proving what real brand ambassadorship is.

However, Kambucha surprised Zimbos on 23 January 2024 when it announced Baba Harare as its newest brand ambassador. The Jiti maestro shared a picture while he signed the contract at the Kambucha offices. Neither the beverage company nor Baba Harare shared details of the contract.

Initially, people thought Kambucha engaged Baba Harare so he and Seh Calaz could promote the brand image. It was only yesterday when Seh Calaz’s team took to social media to clarify the position of his contract with Kambucha.

They posted:

“We would like to inform the general public and other stakeholders that our brand ambassadorship deal with Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited, who are the manufacturers of Fresh Kambucha, came to an end on 20 December 2023. Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited cited the tough economic environment as the reason why they were unable to renew the deal with us.

“We respected the company’s request to not make this announcement at that time, but since they have announced a new brand ambassador, we feel obligated to advise the general public of this development.

Seh Calaz’s fans now have a bone to chew with Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited.


“Kuda kurovanisa vaimbi musoro. Anyway hatichatenga.”


“Haa makachipusha chisinhi icho makaTrainner mkuru but for a fact ini handichatonwi kambucha. PaFair hakaite kasinhi kaya taingokanwira kuti ndimi mukukapusha”


“Bad move kambucha. Honestly ndakatanga kukanwa because of Seh calaz now ndakuchiona kuti kasinhi kaye kanoshata.”


“Makaita basa chinhu takachinwa ichi thrū your name.”


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