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“I’m not susceptible to bribery” Thomas Mapfumo turns down Wicknell Chivhayo’s lavish offer


Thomas Mapfumo, renowned for his Chimurenga music, has dismissed allegations of accepting a lavish offer from controversial figure Wicknell Chivayo, comprising a $200,000 luxury car and a $300,000 residence.

In an exclusive interview with Nehanda Radio, Mapfumo asserted, “I’m not susceptible to bribery.”
Mapfumo recounted receiving an unexpected call from Chivayo while preparing for bed on Sunday evening. “He contacted me while he was in New York for a visit. We exchanged pleasantries, and that was the extent of our conversation,” Mapfumo revealed.

It seems Chivayo captured a screenshot of his call to Mapfumo, misleadingly suggesting that Mapfumo initiated the contact.

Chivayo took to social media, urging Mapfumo to retract previous criticisms of the ruling party, hinting at the possibility of acquiring luxury assets should Mapfumo comply.

This proposition followed Mapfumo’s recent mockery of musicians soliciting vehicles from Chivayo.

In a scathing critique, Mapfumo condemned Chivayo and the Zanu PF administration for gifting expensive automobiles to musicians while neglecting the dire condition of hospitals and widespread poverty.

“Our current predicament stems from poverty,” Mapfumo asserted. “Accepting these lavish gifts only perpetuates dependency. Jah Prayzah’s gratitude for an unseen car exemplifies this.”

“Instead of lavishing musicians with cars they don’t need,” Mapfumo suggested, “redirect those funds to bolster healthcare and alleviate poverty. Our roads deteriorate, and our people languish in destitution. Our goal should be collective prosperity, not individual opulence.”

Chivayo’s Response
In response, Chivayo insinuated that Mapfumo’s financial struggles could be ameliorated if he aligned himself with the ruling party.

“Despite my admiration for his music, Mapfumo’s financial woes are self-inflicted,” Chivayo remarked. “He was stranded during a visit to Zimbabwe, relying solely on social media fame for assistance.”

Chivayo suggested that Mapfumo’s recommitment to the ruling party could lead to newfound prosperity, implying that Zanu PF’s dominance was perpetual.


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