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Malloti defends Hwinza`s copyright `Denga`


Hwinza has been burning the streets with the song, Denga, which has become a hit. Last week, little-known artist Ancient Stallion Gangster pulled the song off YouTube after making a copyright claim.

Four months ago, the musician invited Hwinza to feature on the song, which was produced by Genius Records. Listen to that version here.

This year, Hwinza went to Oskid’s studio and recorded his own version of the song, keeping the hook and his verses on the track. It appears he did not get permission from Ancient Stallion Gangster to remake the song, which has overtaken the original to become a smasher. As a result, the original owner of the song made a copyright claim on YouTube.

“Stop try a ride on someone’s wave. Your time will come. Keep working and stop being jealous of the song becoming a hit song. Denga ndeya Hwinza he first recorded that song over 7 years ago way before he had access to better studios the likes of ana Oskid etc. And don’t think people are actually starting to see Hwinza’s talent because of Denga. No, it’s because of his hard work and consistency.

“You wanted him to feature on your song and he said the song was wack the day you came to Harare. You wanted to pay $70 and that day he was rerecording that song Denga kwa Ghost. Even the beat, he created that melody with his own mouth. Then you said it was good then you asked to feature on that one and you paid for studio time. I even have the one from 7 years ago when he recorded it.


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