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Why Men Are Silent During S£_x…Here Are Some Hilarious Responses


The internet and social media have made it easy for people to talk about topics that were generally regarded as taboo only a few decades ago. Unsurprisingly, one of these topics is sex. People are now using social media to discuss and better understand what happens when people are being intimate.

And judging from the responses, it seems that one of the topics people are interested in is why most men do not moan during intercourse. Thousands of South Africans responded to the hashtag #WhyMenAreSilentDuringSex to give their take on the subject of why men are silent during sex. Below are some of the hilarious responses and explanations.

Some men said they do not moan during sex because there is no grip:

The majority of men said they are silent because they do not want to make empty promises whilst others said they do not want to say what they do not mean

Some men said there has to be a difference between the man and the woman

A section of men on Twitter said it is “table manners

Men said it makes them last longer during sex and that the end result is what matters

Some of the women on Twitter advised men to moan during sex saying it is a turn-on:

Others said they used to moan but past experience made them stop doing so

A section of women said that a man can moan depending on his woman’s sexual prowess


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