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Man develops woman private part after sleeping with another man’s wife


The man has since been hiding in the house bleeding after every three hours

Residents of Tana River County are in shock after a man allegedly developed a female sex organ beneath his sex organs as punishment for sleeping with another man’s wife.
Reports from his relatives claim the man has had the female organ for slightly over a week after he was caught red handed in bed with another man’s wife.

The offended man, only identified as Joseph, reportedly approached the cheating man to negotiate penalties for his act, which included sleeping with his wife as well, conditions the offender flatly rejected as reported by Nairobi News.


“Joseph asked to sleep with me, the same way my husband had slept with his wife, but my husband would hear none of it, and neither would I,” the man’s wife narrated.

Joseph left without a compromise but promised to make the man face dire consequences for his act.

Three days later, the cheating man noticed something like a boil swell beneath his male organs but dismissed it and left for his normal duties.


However, that evening things took a drastic turn as he went to have a bath. The boil reportedly burst open into what his wife now claims to be a female s€x organ.

“He came to me crying, asking me to help him. I was shocked to find out that it bore all features of a female reproductive organ,” she said.

The man has since been hiding in the house, bleeding after every three hours, a secret only his wife and a few elders in the Tana Delta village have been sharing.

Joseph on the other hand left town and his wife fled. Efforts by the elders to meet him in order to address his demands have not borne fruit.

Several witchdoctors have been summoned to undo the spell, but all have been unsuccessful.

Elders and the man’s wife are now seeking support from the public to raise the Sh300,000 fine.


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