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Watch| Dr Nandipha Magudumana Breaks Down in Court: Claims Thabo Bester Forced Her to Flee from South Africa


In a dramatic courtroom scene, Dr. Nandipha Magudumana, a prominent medical practitioner, broke down in tears as she applied for bail.

Nandipha Magudumana surprisingly threw her boyfriend, Thabo Bester, under the bus as she accused him of threatening her and forcing her to flee from South Africa against her will.

As Dr. Magudumana faced a Bloemfontein court for her two-day bail application, emotions ran high. The 34-year-old mother of two cried uncontrollably as her affidavit was read out in court.

According to her affidavit, she claimed that Bester coerced her into a vehicle, forcibly taking her out of South Africa against her will.

“I was instructed by accused Thabo Bester to get into a car. I complied with his instructions and taken out of the country against my will. I did not voluntarily depart.”

Watch the video below as Nandipha breaks down in tears;

She detailed the fear and helplessness she experienced during this ordeal, asserting that Thabo Bester’s threats left her with no choice but to comply.

The estranged medical practitioner emphasized that she had no apparent reason to leave her home country.

Bail Bid: Family and Responsibility at Stake
In her bid to secure her bail, Nandipha Magudumana highlighted her role as a mother to two young girls, aged 11 and six, both of whom she identified as her primary responsibility.

Her emotional plea was rooted in her desire to be present for her children, emphasizing that fleeing would never be her intention

“I don’t intend to live as a fugitive. I will not evade my trial. I will stand by my trial. I am a well known medical practioner and would not think of evading my trial. I can be given bail conditions.

A Bitter Pledge: Standing Firm in the Face of Allegations
Though facing a web of serious charges including aiding and abetting a fugitive, violating a body, and fraud, Magudumana pledged her innocence and asserted her intention to stand by her trial. She affirmed her commitment to adhere to bail conditions if granted, dispelling any notion of evading justice


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