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Terrified Nyanga Man’s Life Plunged Into Chaos As Traditional Healer Unleashes Baboons To Retrieve Debt


A man from Nyanga has alleged that baboons are visiting his home and demanding money that he owes to a local traditional healer, Sekuru Chihwa.

Mr. Ndaruza, 29, shares his unsettling experiences of the baboon visits and the voices demanding payment outside his home.

He explains that his wife struggled to conceive for years until they sought the services of Sekuru Chihwa, who seemingly helped them conceive.

However, Mr. Ndaruza lost his job a month after consulting Sekuru Chihwa and was unable to pay the US$150 fee over two months as agreed.

The Baboon Visits And Voices
According to Mr. Ndaruza, the baboons visit his homestead once a week, both in broad daylight and at night, demanding the money he owes to the traditional healer.

Additionally, he and his wife hear voices singing and shouting outside their home, reiterating the demand for payment.

Despite investigating, they never find anyone outside.

“I do not know how far Sekuru Chihwa will take this.

I fear that my wife or the child she is carrying might not make it because the baboons and voices claim that they will take back what belongs to them, which in this case is the pregnancy,” he said.

In an interview, the traditional healer denies sending the baboons or being involved in the mysterious events occurring at the Ndaruza homestead.

However, he attributes these mishaps to his ancestral spirits, who want to collect their dues from Mr. Ndaruza.

Sekuru Chihwa states that he never asked Mr. Ndaruza to pay consultation fees initially but insists that he failed to honor their agreement to settle the charges after five months.

He claims that the US$150 debt had accrued US$300 in interest.

However, considering the intervention of the interviewer, Sekuru Chihwa forgives the interest and agrees to accept the original amount if paid before the end of September.

“Since you have called me, I have forgiven him. I will intercede with my ancestors on his behalf so that they can give me the nod to accept his money.

I will take the US$150 which I had charged him and we forget about the interest.

“I am doing this because you have approached me on his behalf, otherwise my ancestors were really angry with him for failing to honour our agreement.

If you are still in touch with him, tell him that the money should be paid before the end of September. If he fails to do so, then it will be a lost cause..
“We are there to help people, and not scare or threaten them like what appears to be the case here. People should just honour their undertakings so that nothing of this sort happens.”


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