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Brother murdered for rituals . . . nails used to silence him


A CHIGODORA man who died 26 years ago is accusing his siblings of killing him and silencing his avenging spirit by nailing a nail on his grave.

The late Luka Mureyani’s spirit is alleging that his sister, Hannah Mureyani and brother, Nicholas Mureyani, murdered and used him for rituals 26 years ago.

The late man’s avenging spirit which is manifesting on his daughter, Sarudzai Mureyani, caused havoc before Headman Chigodora’s community court recently as it demanded justice, while also demanding the removal of the nail from his grave.

“They killed me because they were so jealousy of me and my family. Hannah and Nicholas, my blood siblings, why? After killing me, you nailed a nail on my grave to stop me from avenging my death. This is why I have been quiet all along, and I have been struggling to have the truth known. Before we do anything, we need to visit my grave and have the nail removed,” charged the dead man’s spirit.

In support of her late husband, the late Luka’s wife, Sarudzai Mureyani, said her first born daughter died shortly after bumping on the nails on the graves.

“My daughter died after she saw these nails on graves in the family graveyard. She called and told me that she had seen some nails on the graves.

“We took her words for granted, but she died just soon after. Spiritualists have been telling us that she died because of her discovery. No one was supposed to see the nails,” said the late Luka’s wife, Sarudzai.

Hannah denied any involvement in her brother’s death.

Instead, she said she was glad that her nephew, Wilson had brought the matter before Headman Chigodora’s community court as it has been raging on for years.

“I am 65-years-old and have never appeared before any court. I was shocked when I was summoned to appear before this court.

“Yes, I believe that Sarudzai is not well, and she needs help, but I do not believe that it is my late brother who is manifesting on her. What I want here today is for the whole family to be ordered to consult spiritual healers so that the truth is known. Our hands are clean and did not harm our late brother. We loved our late brother so much,” she said.

Nicholas said they were equally shocked to find out that some nails had been nailed on other family graves.

“We also saw the nails. We also saw a nail on our father’s grave, but we are yet to do anything about it. We discovered this when we wanted to bury our mother in 2021. We are planning to have a memorial service for our late mother. We also wanted to use this gathering to discuss the issue of the nails on the graves,” he said.

However, he failed to finish the statement as his late brother interjected, declaring in no uncertain terms that no memorial service will be held.

“No memorial service will be held until these nails are removed. Today, I will show everyone that my siblings dabble in witchcraft. There are nails and other witchcraft paraphernalia on my grave. I want them to be removed today. You will see all these things today,” charged Luka.

Nicholas, however, doubted that it was indeed his late brother who was manifesting on Sarudzai.

He said he felt that the whole thing was being stage managed.

However, Nicholas’ brother, Matthew Mureyani, threw him under the bus and said they saw him nailing the nails on the graves.

He said Nicholas nailed the nails when they were putting wreaths on the graves.

“We thought the nails were being used to secure the wreaths so that they will not be blown away by wind. Unfortunately, the wreaths were blown away, but the nails remained intact.

“I also saw my brother nailing the nails on the graves,” said Matthew.

This prompted Headman Chigodora and his court to order Nicholas to remove the nails on the graves.

Nicholas, however, would not have it as he vehemently denied having nailed the nails on the graves.

“I will not remove something that I did not put. I do not know where Matthew is getting what he is saying from. What if I remove something that belongs to a wizard and it all backfires on me? I will not do it,” he strongly objected.

Through Sarudzai, Luka also alleged that Hannah and Nicholas were behind many family deaths.

Headman Chigodora ordered the family to consult traditional healers before finalising the matter.


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