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Prophet Walter Magaya in new rape sandal involving a 14 -yr-old girl


PHD Ministries founder prophet Walter Magaya in serious trouble after he allegedly slept with a 14-year-old girl whom she threatened to kill afterwards if she ever reveals this to anyone.

According to the girl Amanda Moyo from Waterfalls, the incident occurred sometime in November 2023 when she had gone to church for the monday prayer services. She said prophet Magaya offered her transport home after the service but instead drove to a certain location in Waterfalls where they had unprotected sexual intercourse in the car.

She added that Magaya gave her US $100 un return for her silence and also threatened to curse or kill her if she ever reveals this to anyone.

The incident only came to light yesterday when the girl’s monther noticed Amanda scrating her private part. When asked what happened she first refused to say anything but later revealed to her family.

The girl was taken to a private hospital for medical examination afterwards and it was discovered that she was infected with genital herpes.

The matter is yet to be reported to the police, however some human rights organisations have offered to assist inorder to get to the bottom of the issue.

“This isn’t the first time for such an incident to happen in PHD Ministries. Walter Magaya is well known for abusing and raping children but he uses wealth to bribe law enforcement agents in order to avoid arrest and prosecution. This time we wont let that happen and we will make sure that justice is served.” One human rights activist who requested anonymity said.

Prophet Walter Magaya couldn’t be reached for a comment at the time of the writing of this news article.


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