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Lorraine Guyo Released..


Lorraine Guyo released for lack of evidence on the case

In a shocking twist of events, the State has made a U-turn in the Lorraine Guyo case after she was embarrassingly arrested this morning.

The social media influencer, comedian and businesswoman was arrested and charged with fraud earlier today.Source reported that she allegedly sold off a car, only for her to send buff bouncers to repossess the vehicle thuggishly.

Lorraine Guyo appeared at the Harare Magistrates Court, looking classy and chic in a lemon green slack costume, white top and heels, with her hair neatly made.

The State declined to prosecute her, indicating that there was not enough evidence to pursue the case. Subsequently, the State released Guyo and gave her back the contentious car.

ZimCelebs reported that Lorraine Guyo sold a car, and the person failed to pay in full. She was left with no option but to repossess it.

The aggrieved client reported the matter at Avondale Police Station yesterday, leading to Lorraine Guyo’s arrest and detention.

Lorraine Guyo then made an initial appearance at the Harare Magistrates Court this morning, and the case was swiftly dismissed during vetting.

The complainant was directed to the Harare Civil Court because Lolo did not commit fraud. The State pointed out that this was a civil matter because he failed to pay for the car.

Lorraine Guyo has since been given back the car until the matter is resolved
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